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General Development Do you think the pixel is the only unit of measurement for building graphical displays? Come on, you can measure better than that! This article offers tips for user-friendly HTML layout and interface design, and explains why pixels aren't always the best unit for the job.
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Andre Siegel
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One should note that a line of text that is overly long is hard to read. People with huge displays tend not to maximize their browser windows. It gives them more screen real estate for other stuff as well.

That is correct. Too long text lines are a real problem and this has been known for decades (-> see layout of newspapers).

A good solution would be if browser makers included a "magnifyer" in their applications which does not simply increase font sizes but scales the whole page (bitmap graphics, etc.) People with large monitors could resize websites without breaking the layout.

Making a grab of a website and resizing it shouldn't be hard to do. Of course, if someone zooms in too much, he will notice big blocky pixels. But the same person would also note some grain effect while looking at a photo in a magazine with a magnifying glass.

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