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Windows Microsoft is about to release the Windows Vista operating system, its biggest software upgrade in years. The commercial versions will be out in November and the consumer version will be ready in January. Steve Ballmer, chief executive of Microsoft, sat down to talk with Mercury News Staff Writer Dean Takahashi about the Vista launch.
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DAmn Thats a Shame
by ParaMouthBalls on Fri 27th Oct 2006 10:57 UTC
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Learn how the company works first. I took buisness in college and costumer service, I know its 1# in every companies books to bring back their costumers. Whats with this software shit anyway. Isn't OS News about companies too. Its not the product, its the company doing its best to bring in great things to benefit you in the long run. Microsoft is doing a good job, though do to having to drop everything because everyone complaing about bugs and Graphics that don't support their system they haven't met their (Quota/Deadline) yet. I'm not complaing about the software, be glad microsoft is doing something about it now than later.

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