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Mac OS X Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak says that Apple did not need NeXT, the company that provided the foundation for Mac OS X; he argues that System 7 wasn't nearly as bad as it was made out to be. Wozniak also says that Mac OS 9 was more secure than OS X is now: Mac OS X is built in Unix and is therefore more prone to attacks because people are familiar with the holes in Unix, explained Woznaik. "Some of the holes in Unix are well known. So keeping Firewalls on is more important. And we keep announcing, even our own security fixes, not as many as Microsoft but still we never really had those in the OS 9 days."
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RE[4]: OS 7 Crashes from IE?
by Hank on Fri 27th Oct 2006 17:46 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: OS 7 Crashes from IE?"
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In '84, we split MILnet from ARPAnet with only a few trusted gateways allowed. The "public" internet started when we split off NFS net and DARPA stopped funding. The "public" internet started when we split off NFS net and DARPA stopped funding. At that time it became possible to access the net via a limited number of commercial ISPs.

Merger of NSFnet and ARPAnet occured in 1986, but it was still for government and academic uses, if I recall correctly that was after the release of the original Macintosh wasn't it? Likewise widespread public use of the internet, specifically outside the government and academia, wasn't several years later. Furthermore Woz's contention about the IE browser caused the stability problem is more an issue of the world wide web aspect of the internet, not the network itself. While the first web server may date to 1990, it wasn't until 1993/1994 that anyone was really using it. At that point System 7 had been around with stability problems galore for some time.

You're "90s" thing was when we allowed the internet to be used for commercial purposes. Bad mistake, but there's no going back.

I know, it's been so horrible that we've managed to connect so many people to each other and information resources while at the same time letting people make some money in the process.

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