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Databases Red Hat has officially responded to Oracle's 'Unbreakable Linux' move. "The opportunity for Linux just got bigger. Oracle's support for Linux reaffirms Red Hat's technical industry leadership and the end of proprietary Unix. It's no accident that Red Hat was chosen #1 in value two years running. Want to know what else we think? Read on." This article has more reactions.
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RE: Red Hat is spinning...
by amigascne on Fri 27th Oct 2006 20:00 UTC in reply to "Red Hat is spinning..."
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Red Hat has already annouced that they will not be reducing their prices as a result of this move by Oracle. And why should they? Let's consider the facts:

1. Unlike IBM, HP, etc. Oracle is NOT a Red Hat Support Partner. Therefore Oracle does not have access to Red Hat's back line engineers and developers. As a customer, this is a HUGE deal..
2. Oracle's respin of RHEL will not have the security certifications and evaluations that Red Hat's RHEL has unless Oracle plans to seek those evaluations itself. In any case, this means it wont be used at any government sites anytime soon.
3. If you're using any products from Red Hat beyond just RHEL, Oracle won't support those... So you would need to have a support contract with both Oracle and Red Hat.
4. Oracle claims that Unbreakable Linux will enjoy all of RHEL's ISV certifications. However, none of the ISV's (beyond Oracle) are saying that is true.

This could easily end up being a flop for Oracle and further strengthening Red Hat in the end. I guess only time will tell..

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