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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Another review of Ubuntu 6.10: "While using Edgy Eft during the RC series and now the final version, I can say that Edgy Eft is a sweet little operating system that gets the job done. Unfortunately there isn't anything in the standard install of Edgy Eft that will make people drool with delight or think it is truly 'Edgy'. Nevertheless Ubuntu 6.10 is noteable for its solid group of features and consistent amount of polish throughout." Update: One more review, here.
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Step backwards
by ealm on Fri 27th Oct 2006 20:41 UTC
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My WLAN card, WG511, which was working perfectly in Dapper (previous[k]ubuntu release), cannot connect to wireless networks in this new release.

A quick look at the kubuntu forums reveals that I'm not alone. This kind of problems is what separates a commercial quality dist from a free one.

Back to Linspire...

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