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Slackware, Slax "Slackware is one of the oldest (arguably *the* oldest) Linux distributions still around today. It is the pet project of one Patrick Volkerding who, love him or hate him, has ruled his distribution with an iron fist since the beginning. This is fine if you agree with his choices, but like all dictators, Patrick doesn't always make decisions based on the good of the populace, but rather sheer unmitigated ego. Here is my experience with his latest iteration, Slackware 11." More here.
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So what?
by pfortuny on Sun 29th Oct 2006 10:44 UTC
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Should I complain to that guy because his web page is NOT a wiki?

OK, he does not like Slackware 11. Fair enough. But what has **democracy** have to do with a Linux distro?

... etc ... That is not an article, it's just a rant. Might be interesting as such but... what computer is he using? why does it not work? etc etc etc

.... so void of **real** content.

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