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FreeBSD "The objective of this whitepaper is to explain some of the features and benefits provided by FreeBSD, and where applicable, compare those features to Linux. This paper provides a starting point for those interested in exploring open source alternatives to Linux."
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by JMcCarthy on Fri 12th Aug 2005 23:27 UTC
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How people can continue to engage in verbal diarrhea of such epic proportions. Hardly anyone here has put forth technical arguments, only arguments put forth by his holiness, Richard Stalin, who appears less militant than a lot of his rabid followers;

Indeed, I understand how Moulenfool & crew cannot see a future above and beyond the GPL -- they will die. Someone who is bound to a specific licence rather than a broad movement is destined to become extinct. In 2030 , when news reports are reporting 2031 will be "the year of the linux desktop", you'll still be clinging to a licence which is only acceptable to everyone in the land of make-believe and software in bondage due to the fact that the world is not a land of make believe, you'll still refuse to accept the facts.

Moulenfool is an egotistical prick who cannot accept the fact that there can be more than one viewpoint within a community, he is the stereotypical Frenchman from Quebec. A province which is so far in the gutter you cannot even begin to imagine, entirely because of people like him. His continued disregard for the English language tends to suggest he's an Anglophobe, don't argue with me, racist.

Would like another reason why Moulenfool cannot argue with me? BECAUSE I'M A BIGGER EXPERT THAN HE IS. That's right. I have the ability to proclaim superior made up statistics and I proclaim this thread 90% retarded.

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