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Red Hat "Oracle's offer of free support for Red Hat Linux was designed to inflict maximum pain on Red Hat. So it did. One day after the announcement, Red Hat shares lost 24 percent of their value. After watching his stock take a tumble, Red Hat's CEO Matthew Szulik is in a bind. He has just absorbed the equivalent of a cyber-kick in the groin from a bigger, badder bully."
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Red hat will save red hat
by REM2000 on Sun 29th Oct 2006 21:57 UTC
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It sounds all gloom and doom for RH, but ill be surprised if they go any where over night.

You get what you pay for, in oracles case you have a company that can barely update it's core application in an orderly fashion. The latest update from oracle was large and left a lot of bugs still open. Do you really think they are gonna be able to keep up with bug fixes and support.

The only way oracle will be able to do that is to keep it's OS in sync with RH's.

The reason why so many people are using RH over other distro's and in some cases other OS's full stop is the outstanding support. Support which really matters to the larger company's, with red hat no problem is left unsolved and is fixed quick and well, which will be what saves them.

I just don't think oracle can keep up with OS maintaince and OS support.

As said above in other posts, i hope that RH comes out stronger from this change of events, as they have been giving a lot to the linux community (bug fixes and solid distro in fedora).

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