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Zeta "Quite a few new things are now in an alpha/beta stage for the next update of ZETA; one of them is the implementation of the latest stable version of SAMBA, v3.0.23. As you can see from the screenshot, ZETA is now 'dancing' beautifully with Linux servers." Also, Axl has posted a status update concerning networking in Haiku: "Work on the networking stack is making slow but steady progress. UDP and IPv4 protocols are mostly done, TCP can send out data, but receiving is not yet implemented."
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I just hope
by Saquatch666 on Mon 30th Oct 2006 05:20 UTC
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both entities keep on developing BeOS as a media OS,hre[s what I did today with trusty old R5: I had a guy from ebay wanting to hear what a guitar I dad for sale sounded like,so I pluged 'er in fired up SoundRecorder trimmed the ends a little to get rid of the tune-up part ,saved it as an mp3 and drug it into BeMail and wham instant sample!sunded good too even with my cheap soundblaster mic,I've never seen Windows or linux apps that make it this easy,don't get me wrong any BeoS news is good news but improvements to the media kit is BIG news and an updated 3DmiX with mulitrack recorder would be REALLY BIG news to me at least!

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