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Morphos Genesi has announced its Open Server Workstation: "The Open Server Workstation is a six layer board with two 970MP processors, the CPC945 and Broadcom's HT-1000 and 2000 chips. Excepting those parts, the board and component cost is below USD 200. Here is the Business Plan [.pdf] we wrote for the board."
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I really dont know about this - both the PS/3 and the XBOX360 runs on the Cell processor, which beating heart is a PPC970.

We are talking about *desktop* computer. Here, everyone has dropped the PPC. Period. There is no Cell, no...
Yes, PPC is well present in the consoles world,... But a small company producing 5k per years can't benefit from this, because IBM produces & sells the cell in quantites of millions, not for the first hobbits that comes to his door... Even the server world is now using x86 mostly. It's already difficult do develop a new OS,... Why adding a new barrier by using a CPU which development isn't aimed anymore at the desktop ? The only thing you'll end up with is either having extremly expensive computers when compared with other desktop ones (ie: x86), and/or slow and un-adapted processors, because aimed at totaly different markets where the speed is not so important (ex: Efika).

And I'm not mentionning the fact that next x86 processors are *really* looking good... See the core2 duo,...

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