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Hardware, Embedded Systems As Moore's Law continues to hold, IC designers are finding that they have more and more silicon real estate to play with. David Chisnall hazards some guesses as to what they might do with it.
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RE[3]: revive old designs
by dnstest on Mon 30th Oct 2006 11:13 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: revive old designs"
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Exactly right. Firmware is too permanent, however the trend is going away from specialized hardware components. Instead of dedicated hardware logic doing specialized functions, generic DSP logic provides a bridge between physical input/output and the software that emulates the specialized functions previously done in hardware. Modems and soundcards were the first to go this route, and now they use it with anything they can get away with.

The notion that hardware should provide its own software, and the concept of specialized hardware interconnecting into a whole functioning system is not reality. Specialized hardware will always exist for niche markets, but the trend is towards cheap emulated hardware.

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