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SuSE, openSUSE "As you know OpenSUSE released the first beta in the 10.2 dev cycle on the 26th and Tuxmachines has been checking it out in preparation for our report. This feature and version freeze release came with quite a few annoying bugs, but most didn't apply to my testing. I did encounter a coupla problems of my own and little or no new eye candy was found. But how did the system perform overall?"
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RE: Looks good
by Guppetto on Mon 30th Oct 2006 16:19 UTC in reply to "Looks good"
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Actually, why choose between Windows and Linux, when you can run many well known Windows apps in Linux. Wine has made it pretty easy for me to run Photoshop, Explorer, Dreamweaver, Flash, Office 2003, Utorrent and many other great Windows apps natively in Linux. Most distro's bundle a version of wine that is easily installible. After that's done, it's fairly easy to get those apps running. Now it's not grandmother easy, but in truth, most grandmother don't get programs running in Windows either (that's what us wonderful grandkids are for), so that really shouldn't be an expectation. I'd love to have Linux ports of those applications, but I'm a more pratical Linux user. In truth, i want the apps any way I can get them and if that ship doesn't come to us, we've got to swim out to it or work diligently on apps like the Gimp so that they make Photoshop irrelevent. If there was dedicated development from some company and the community behind the Gimp, Photoshop would die on the vine, becuase not much beats free.

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