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Zeta "Quite a few new things are now in an alpha/beta stage for the next update of ZETA; one of them is the implementation of the latest stable version of SAMBA, v3.0.23. As you can see from the screenshot, ZETA is now 'dancing' beautifully with Linux servers." Also, Axl has posted a status update concerning networking in Haiku: "Work on the networking stack is making slow but steady progress. UDP and IPv4 protocols are mostly done, TCP can send out data, but receiving is not yet implemented."
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by nelvana2005 on Mon 30th Oct 2006 19:22 UTC in reply to "question"
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I suggest that you read a few threads of the English forum of the website of
Your experience with Zeta depends thoroughly on the fact whether Zeta is compatible with your hardware or not. So it would be a good idea to post your hardware configuration in the hardware section of the above-mentioned forum.
Another possibility is to download the Zeta 1.21-Live-CD and test it.
The latest Zeta is very stable. But this might mean nothing for you, if e.g. your graphics card would not be detected and everything would have to run in vesa mode. So you have to read up on this hardware issue beforehand.

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