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Morphos Genesi has announced its Open Server Workstation: "The Open Server Workstation is a six layer board with two 970MP processors, the CPC945 and Broadcom's HT-1000 and 2000 chips. Excepting those parts, the board and component cost is below USD 200. Here is the Business Plan [.pdf] we wrote for the board."
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RE[4]: Why open ppc?
by Andre Siegel on Mon 30th Oct 2006 19:35 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Why open ppc?"
Andre Siegel
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@ flywheel

G5 still got the 32-bit extension implemented right ?
Most people today also runs 32-bit operating systems on their AMD64 processors.
I see no problem in that every supported operating systems is not released to the street in 64-bit versions the same day as the OSW is released.

The OSW mainboard uses very different components than the older Pegasos 1/2. Operating Systems such as MorphOS need to be specifically adapted to the new northbridge, etc. in order to run properly.

The central processing unit is only one piece of the puzzle. Just having a compatible or even identical processor is not enough.

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