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Morphos Genesi has announced its Open Server Workstation: "The Open Server Workstation is a six layer board with two 970MP processors, the CPC945 and Broadcom's HT-1000 and 2000 chips. Excepting those parts, the board and component cost is below USD 200. Here is the Business Plan [.pdf] we wrote for the board."
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by deathshadow on Tue 31st Oct 2006 01:19 UTC
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"Server Workstation", artsy fartsy opening paragraph that chews a lot of words while doing nothing but a half-assed attempt at pissing on Apple (and a /FAIL/ hard at that), a quote from Frost, and a pdf that looks more like the manual from a Biostar motherboard circa 1992... that reads more like an arguement against using their product than a arguement for it.

... and Genesi wonders why nobody but fringe whackos have taken ANYTHING they've done seriously.

Man, I haven't seen anything this 'out there' since that ugly assed buck-toothed twig blonde with the unwashed hair and street-bum clothes from the Opera installer. (hey honey, here's a fiver go get a sub, the auschwitz look is out)

Wow, I can't belive I managed to make it this far into the post without insulting someones sexual preference, referring to a certain west coast city with lots of hills and bridges, or making comments about a certain type of garbage from a certain continent.

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