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Windows Microsoft last week said that it is pushing back the next major service pack for Windows XP until the first half of 2008. The news came just ahead of reports that Vista's RTM is being pushed back once again, from late October to early November, complicating matters for PC makers. The latest delay has some wondering whether the upgrade will ever see the light of day. "The fear is Service Pack 3 will just get killed off," said Jeff Centimano, an IT consultant at Levi, Ray & Shoup.
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Are Sp's needed anymore
by REM2000 on Tue 31st Oct 2006 12:19 UTC
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There were more SP's for NT 4.0, win2k etc because of the patch delivery system.

We are all now connected to fast internet connections with a steady stream of updates being applied to workstations and servers, the need for SP's becomes less and less irelvent.

In the Days of NT 4.0 having to download a 100MB file to update the workstations was a big deal, and so was downloading that 100MB across many small patches. SP's were released on CD to help but the internet didn't have the speed.

All Service Pack 3 will be is a collection of security patches etc.. no new functionaility. In fact WinXP SP2 was the first time i had seen new functionaility from a SP.

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