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In the News "The simple question 'what's wrong with software patents?' stirs up controversy and divides the IT industry into two camps like no other. Every group has their own ideology about software patents. Those who don't like them claim that they are anti-competitive, that they are tools used by industry giants to crush free and open software, that they are bad for innovation, that they are monopolies. Those who like them claim that they are simply units of intellectual property, to be traded like any other commodity."
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Citizen are property??
by behemot on Tue 31st Oct 2006 22:17 UTC
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The author (Pieter) states: "We are, as citizens, property of the state, and in some countries we can still be traded, bought, and sold, and make money for our owners.?"

I don't know about United States, Europe, Japan, China, Canada, Israel, et al., but the constitution of Brazil, its Civil code, its Penal code, and, as far I know, no other applicable law made me, as a Brazilian citizen, a property of the Brazilian state.
Where in Europe (I doubt that the name 'Pieter' could be of an American) a citizen is a property of the state?

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