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PC-BSD After the flood of Fedora Core 6 and Ubuntu 6.10 reviews, here is a review of PC-BSD 1.3 Beta. "PC-BSD has improved quite a bit and the use of its open-source PBI packaging system is a great idea. Although it obviously means there might be a minor delay in newly released products being ported over to the PBI package system, novice users will rejoice because the wait is well worth it. PC-BSD is a well oiled machine with its quick response times, even if you don't have that much memory in your system. Its implementation of a clean interface is welcomed by me and not having a 3D enabled desktop is not something I really would worry about unless you are an eye-candy lover."
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RE[5]: Nice review
by sbergman27 on Tue 31st Oct 2006 22:19 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Nice review"
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So please stop repeating the same FUD over and over, and folks, please stop modding him up.

As I said in a couple of previous posts, I'm content to just wait to see how successful PBI is, relative to other packaging strategies. I'm guessing "not very". But hey, I could be wrong.

Judging from the bold and the BOLDED CAPS you seem kind of defensive.

Time will tell. No point in invoking the "FUD" acronym and telling people to stop voting in ways that you don't like.

One thing that we have learned in the Linux community is that you can't be rude and expect to be a hit with new users. Judging from your comments, this seems a lesson that BSD has yet to learn.

Chill and enjoy! ;-)

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