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Windows "Today, I'd like to share with you a hidden gem inside of Windows Vista's search capabilities. It's a neat little feature that lets you build one saved search on top of another, and we call it Query Composition. Think composition in the mathematical sense, not in the context of writing an English paper. To explain this feature, I'd like to start by talking a bit about Libraries."
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RE: Interesting...
by Kitty on Wed 1st Nov 2006 04:50 UTC in reply to "Interesting..."
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Now I only hope that some clever coder makes something similar to this for GNU/Linux, but I really doubt so, since this seems to rely on filesystem-specific features. If someone can prove me wrong, you're welcome ;-)

Let's see if I can by standing on the shoulders of giants ;) Some time ago Robert Love wrote BeagleFS. a FUSE implementation that mounted Beagle's query results as run-of-the-mill directories, see
Once it's a directory of hard links, I can't see why it can't be again indexed and searched by Beagle just as any other directory, thus performing the same trick that the blog describes with plenty of screenshots.
So yes, it's a filesystem-specific feature, but thankfully dealing with filesystems is something *nixes do egregiously.
Small disclaimer: I never really tried out BeagleFS and I don't even know if it ever progressed past the prototype stage, but I'm pretty sure if there was interest in it, it could be fixed up quickly.

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