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Internet & Networking "How do the latest versions of each browser compare? For this prizefight, we looked at Microsoft Internet Explorer 7, Microsoft's first new Internet browser since 2001 and Mozilla Firefox 2, Mozilla's update of its popular Firefox 1.5 browser released in November 2005." This will be the last Firefox 2 vs. IE7 article. I promise.
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Group Policies
by Ventajou on Wed 1st Nov 2006 22:44 UTC
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No matter how much better Firefox might be, even with the awesome adblock and filterset.g extensions, the lack of group policies support forces me to go against its adoption in my organisation (and at home!).

A firefox user can change the proxy settings to go through some external proxy and avoid the protections you have in place. Which can be a problem when you're trying to keep high school kids away from porn sites while at school or from hogging your bandwidth with youtube!

Moreover, in a managed environment, you can restrict which extensions can run on IE and as long as you don't grant your users local admin rights and have a filtering proxy in place (IPCop is free and can do that), IE is not the security blackhole many would like us to believe.

Give FF group policy support, with the ability to deploy it with specific extensions, and you'll boost its adoption rate in big organisations!

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