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Internet & Networking "How do the latest versions of each browser compare? For this prizefight, we looked at Microsoft Internet Explorer 7, Microsoft's first new Internet browser since 2001 and Mozilla Firefox 2, Mozilla's update of its popular Firefox 1.5 browser released in November 2005." This will be the last Firefox 2 vs. IE7 article. I promise.
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RE[6]: Group Policies
by Ventajou on Thu 2nd Nov 2006 01:03 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Group Policies"
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I agree with you.

My point though was that adding GP support to FF would help speed its adoption in larger organisations where administrators want to be able to easily manage settings on hundreds of systems.

The example I provided was just that, an example.

I definitely do not consider GP as the main tool to keep an environment secure. But it can help prevent users from, whether intentionally or not, messing up a system. There will always be a way to go around security measures, but it's not a reason to make it easier.

In addition, you sometimes have to face financial and/or political reasons as to why you can't simply have a better firewall. Or it could be that the guy in charge of it is just a moron and doesn't get what you're trying to explain. And so you have to do what you can at your level.

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