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Windows While Ars looks into the facts behind the recent flurry of license concerns over Windows Vista, several websites are reporting that Microsoft has internally released Vista and Office 2007 final builds. In related news, Microsoft has also released shots of the packaging for Vista and Office 2007. Meanwhile, other people have noted that there seems to be no upgrade path to Windows Vista Ultimate.
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RE[3]: my prediction
by HappyGod on Thu 2nd Nov 2006 06:23 UTC in reply to "RE: my prediction"
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There's a difference between getting something for free and having to pay a couple of hundred bucks for it.


I bought Windows95 on launch day, and I remember thinking that it was easily the best looking OS at that time. It was something new, and actually made using your PC easier (if not more secure/reliable).

Testament to this is the way that the Gnome, KDE and WinXP user interfaces are essentially evolutions of the Win95 style (i.e. Start Button + Taskbar + System Tray)

But what do you get for your (large pile of) money with Vista? A shiny new look n' feel, a browser that is finally up to date, 3D effects on the desktop, and a EULA that will eventually force you to submit a body part to Microsoft.



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