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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Edgy. Eft. Review. "Dapper Drake was a huge step forward since Breezy Badger. Edgy Eft doesn't impress as much but still brings its lot of innovations and improvements over its predecessor; its artwork is a tiny bit better, its software selection is more up to date, its package manager is better than ever and its new upstart makes it really fast to boot. Of course it doesn't have the desktop and the artwork of Fedora Core 6, or the integrated 3D effects of Mandriva 2007, but it's still in my opinion the best Linux distribution there is and as with every single one of its releases, it just proved it once more."
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I like, I like ...
by Odisej on Thu 2nd Nov 2006 10:58 UTC
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Well, I absolutely adore Ubuntu. It has everything I need and VMware player is a charm when having to use some WinXP application without hassle. But what I would like to comment on are some thoughts about the looks and feel of this OS. I found myself enjoying esthetically pleasing desktops after using the computer for 20+ years. I really wouldn't like Ubuntu becoming some kind of Spartan looking OS with boring themes and depressing colours. I am a visual person. And I believe most of the (new) users are. It is important for developers to keep this in mind. I also enjoy audio effects. I like the sound when I turn on my computer, when using Gaim, I enjoy different, cute audio which make using computer less boring than it already is. If somebody does not like the sounds, turn them off. But please, let us, all the rest, make everyday tasks less boring than they already are. Ubuntu is not perfect in this regard but it is getting better and better. Even my wife with a wonderful sense for beauty (she married me, did'n she?) likes using this system.

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