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Geek stuff, sci-fi... "In this article, see how HAL 9000, the computer in the 2001: A Space Odyssey movie [ed. note: for you cultural barbarians: that's from (one of) the best director(s) ever], the smartest believable artificial intelligence so far in fiction, could predict equipment failure, answer personal questions, learn to sing 'Bicycle built for Two', and go insane, based on IBM Build to Manage Toolkit components. By the end of this article, you'll see how autonomic computing can be implemented today; determine if there is such a thing as a Hofstadter-Moebius loop in programming; and discover if HAL stands for Heuristic ALgorithmic computer, Heuristic Autonomic Learner, or is simply the first three letters of a prankster holiday that occurs about this time of the year."
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RE: Hal 9000?
by transputer_guy on Thu 2nd Nov 2006 18:52 UTC in reply to "Hal 9000?"
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Yes we are in persistant PC infancy.

The no-keyboard-mice OS with natural voice language face & gesture communications could run on top of any OS out there, you really wouldn't want it to deal with hardware so it would look like an app that consumes all resources.

On a joking note we already have the self heaTing capabilities..

The hardware is willing but I don't see any software on the horizon, perhaps the hardware we have is not really suitable to build such software.

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