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Internet & Networking "How do the latest versions of each browser compare? For this prizefight, we looked at Microsoft Internet Explorer 7, Microsoft's first new Internet browser since 2001 and Mozilla Firefox 2, Mozilla's update of its popular Firefox 1.5 browser released in November 2005." This will be the last Firefox 2 vs. IE7 article. I promise.
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RE[13]: Group Policies
by Ventajou on Thu 2nd Nov 2006 22:35 UTC in reply to "RE[12]: Group Policies"
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Novell for one provides a tool to prevent specific software from being run. You can always rename the executable, there are many ways to identify an application.

As for locking down removable media, the point is that you might have a category of users whom you cannot trust. And it simply makes more sense to make their life a little harder by limiting what they can do with your systems so you don't have to re-image them every two days.

In my case, the users I don't trust are high school students. Whereas I'd let teachers have access to more resource on the machine. This is because a teacher will only wreck their computer out of ignorance or by letting a student use their account, and in either case they can't complain if it's down for a week until we get to fixing it, because it's their fault in the first place.

Now a kid can always reset the BIOS password and enable boot from CD or USB so they can run their favorite live distribution. But there are way fewer kids who'd come up with something like that.

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