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Windows Responding to the myriad complaints over ambiguities and outright uncool (that's a technical term) licensing terms, Microsoft has revised the Vista retail license to remove some of the most major causes of complaint. A previous version of the Windows Vista retail license restricted the number of times you may transfer Vista from one device to another. The license read: "The first user of the software may reassign the license to another device one time. If you reassign the license, that other device becomes the 'licensed device'." The new license has removed this language relating to device transfers.
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It was probably never going to be there but this was an easy way to make people feel like they have a victory and hence be more inclined to get into Vista.

I just think most people don't care/know about EULA... for them it makes no difference at all that this limitation was in and then removed (they won't even know). But some (many?) among those who care/know will just think "they tried but they failed". If MS did it to get more people inclined to get Vista, I think it was a poor move...

Anyway, that's a good news ;)

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