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Features, Office While the capabilities of operating systems have improved over the last years, the improvements have largely focused on under the hood changes. New functionality is reaching the user via additional applications which allow her to write a DVD, connect to her mp3 player, download streaming video locally and other tasks which were not present before. But the graphical interface of the computer itself is keeping the same concepts introduced with its appearance. One could argue that the graphical environment of computers is exactly the same for the last 10 years and only cosmetic changes take place in newer versions of operating systems. Moving away from the desktop metaphor is harder than it seems. Even alternative operating systems have embraced the concept instead of exploring new ideas. This article describes a solution which attempts to free the user from the files/folder concept.
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What about ftp?
by steveftoth on Fri 3rd Nov 2006 02:41 UTC
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One problem when adding metadata to a file hasn't had a good solution to yet is the old age problem of ftping a file to a server that doesn't support your metadata. Classic mac had this problem, NTFS has this problem, I'm sure that ReiserFS has this issue.

All metadata tends to be lost when going over a network. Which kinda destroys a lot. Email, ftp, http, all destroy the metadata without smart clients and smart servers. Which makes all your precious tags worthless.

Sure you could invent yet another file format to wrap your metadata and files together, but isn't that more of a pita, and exactly what you are trying to avoid?

The world doesn't need another metadata tagging system and gui. What it does need is an open way to exchange data that works with the current toolset. Which is why that Spotlight (in its half assed form). Is currently the best solution to the metadata problem.

By only relying on the file itself instead of user added metadata (only a calculation from the file) it can handle the problem of networks and works with all the current tools on os x.

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