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Mandriva, Mandrake, Lycoris "Mandriva 2007 may be the best distribution I have used. Looking through Mandriva's forum, you see employees of the company who care and are genuinely trying to help. Mandriva offers 'Free as in freedom' versions and versions with propriatery software. You would expect a release like this to be trumpeted. Instead, the release was met with hostility. Forums on tech sites were filled with Linux users cheering for the end of Mandriva. What happened? How did a company that was loved at one time become so unpopular? Is the hostility justified?"
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My Gentoo using friend switched!!!!
by Wemgadge on Fri 3rd Nov 2006 03:45 UTC
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I have a friend at work who was a religious Gentoo user. He had tried 9.2 and 2006 and felt that they lacked what he needed. Well, I was chatting with him today at work, mainly bragging about getting KDE 3.5.5 to run on my Linux From Scratch system, and my jaw nearly dropped when he told me he has switched to 2007. He said that he had just upgraded his PC and put Mandriva One 2007 on the new drive "just until he gets Gentoo back up" but since it runs so nice, he said he has given up brewing Gentoo and instead he's brewing beer.

As for me, I switched from cooker to stable 2007 for my main desktop when it was released and it makes me happy to have a no fuss desktop.

BUT many first time linux users I've spoken to lately are trying Ubuntu first and sticking with it. Something neat has happened with Ubuntu: It's become a mainstream meme. People that have never used linux equate linux with Ubuntu. When you ask them why, they tell you it's the easiest Linux you can use, so they plan on trying it.

Shuttleworth has made great inroads marketing Ubuntu with the perception of user friendliness. It makes no difference that Freespire, Fedora Core 5, Suse and Mandriva 2007 actually HAVE easier to learn tools. In the marketing game, perception is everything, and it is no coincidence that Ubuntu is fast eclipsing it's big brother Debian.

As for me, well, I got KDE to build from source. I have futzing to do with my config files. cheers.

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