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General Development "Software sucks, 80% of projects fail, and most developers are unhappy individuals. Why is this? My answer; complexity. Complexity is the single factor I would attribute poor software to. The more you have to do, the harder you make it on yourself, the way requirements seem to change, the worse the final result is; right? Software needs to be simple", says Chris Stewart.
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Getting the job done
by Yamin on Fri 3rd Nov 2006 03:46 UTC
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There are few developers who actually revel in 'new' technology as oppose to getting the job done. The problem is programmers don't know how to get the job done.

rushed solutions and hacks are all too common. The how is extremely important for any software project. Obviously not a 'cool' how. But a practical 'how'.

Simple is always better, but few people can see the 'simple' solution. There is no such thing as common sense. It takes much more talent to see the easy solution than the hard one. I'm still young, but that's what I've learned.

Other than that...exactly drogin. However, cheating is a very very very big issue. It's more important to Software because it is a relatively new field with lots of demand and a flood of people. A lot of unqualified are in there because of cheating.

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