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General Development "Software sucks, 80% of projects fail, and most developers are unhappy individuals. Why is this? My answer; complexity. Complexity is the single factor I would attribute poor software to. The more you have to do, the harder you make it on yourself, the way requirements seem to change, the worse the final result is; right? Software needs to be simple", says Chris Stewart.
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Software must be simple? What for?
by ebasconp on Fri 3rd Nov 2006 15:41 UTC
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ok, let's see...

The customer wants an application that performs three tasks: A, B, C.

As you have read this article, you say: "Software must be simple" and implement A, B and C; removing criteria about maintainability, extensibility, modularity, etc... anyway, the customer does not want those features: (s)he just wants A, B and C.

You show the final product to your customer, (s)he sees the result of his/her thoughts turned into software and (s)he says: "Could you please add a button here that performs A1 and A2? I think it should be very easy to you"... But you did not think about extensibility: you just thought about A, B and C and you have to do a lot of work to support A1 and A2... what will happen when your customer will want the features B1, B2 and B3; C, D and E? How will be the final result? Will be easy to achieve the new customer requirements? Will the code be maintainable or will it be just a set of features added with no order or criteria?

Programming has a lot of art and a lot of engineering and complexity and abstraction are part of good and big software... The "simple software" today, will be the "patched software" tomorrow and the "refactored software" after tomorrow...

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