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Linux "Windows Vista brings with it a new era of DRM and restrictive license agreements that aren't going to sit well with even your basic power user and some are looking for an escape route. These changes are making some users question their commitment to Microsoft. The obvious step is to make the leap to Linux. But what's holding people back from escaping Microsoft's shackles and moving to a free, easy platform? My guess is that the platform isn't everything. In fact, it's only a small part of the equation."
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How dumb is the "average user" he refers to? Is this user unable to use something like YaST or Google? Someone who is that dumb should not own a computer.

Me thinks that's the author's point about the attitude of linux users.

Regardless as to how "easy" something is to use, Joe Sixpack is used to walking into CompuSuperMcStore and buying Softwarepackage X 14.3. He is not used to firing up YaST or Synaptic or any package manager and asking it to go grab something. Further, he isn't used to surfing though google and looking at message postings looking for how exactly to download and install that codec to be able to watch that video clip that his friend sent him on hotmail.

Calling him dumb or stupid for not wanting to spend his leisure time learning a new method to interact with a machine he bought and paid for is ignorant and short sighted and exactly what off puts people from trying.

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