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Multimedia, AV Apple is working furiously to get their ITV product into market early next year. However, this type of product is not a new idea. There have been a number of similar remote multimedia products since 2003, most based off the Syabas software stack. were very generous sending us over ADS' MXL-581 Media-Link Entertainment Receiver for a review, a Syabas-based device that's using the uCOS-II real-time kernel (introduction [.pdf]). Check inside for our review and many screenshots of the system.
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S-video can't do HD
by zztaz on Sat 4th Nov 2006 06:19 UTC
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The screen shot shows that the output settings include high definition as well as standard definitionmodes , but the review mentions HD over s-video. S-video is always standard definition.

HD requires DVI,HDMI, or component outputs. Composite and s-video are always standard definition.

S-video uses a 4 pin mini-DIN connector. I have an nvidia graphics card that has a 6 pin mini-DIN that a 4 pin s-video cable can plug into, leaving 2 pins unused. When set to s-video mode, the output is always NTSC or PAL standard definition. Higher resolutions are scaled down.

That 6 pin connector is used with an adapter dongle to provide composite video, which can be standard or high definition. Different mode, and will not work with an s-video cable.

I suspect that the reviewed device is similar, and can do either HD composite or SD s-video out the same connector, but not both at the same time. If you hooked up using an s-video cable, you were looking at SD.

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