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Linux "Windows Vista brings with it a new era of DRM and restrictive license agreements that aren't going to sit well with even your basic power user and some are looking for an escape route. These changes are making some users question their commitment to Microsoft. The obvious step is to make the leap to Linux. But what's holding people back from escaping Microsoft's shackles and moving to a free, easy platform? My guess is that the platform isn't everything. In fact, it's only a small part of the equation."
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No I won't show you concrete examples of this.

1) There are countless examples already in this thread.
2) It seems that no matter how many times people tell you what is wrong you think Linux's shit doesn't stink.

Easier installers? If an installer 1-2 years ago was 25% as easy as a windows install is and today it's twice as good as it was, it's still only 50% as easy as windows. It's *not good enough*. If you think it is good enough, you're wrong.

The bottom line is, when the majority of people pay for a competing product of something you give away for free your product is necessarily terrible.

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