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GNU, GPL, Open Source Of course the net is buzzing with reactions to the Novell-Microsoft agreement of yesterday. Bruce Perens is very negative about it all: "What aren't they telling you? First, you can be sure that Microsoft's not out to help a competitor. This announcement paves the way for Microsoft to implement significant control over commercial customer's use of Free Software. And it has significant negative implications for Open Source in general." Eben Moglen of the FSF says about the possible GPL issues: "If you make an agreement which requires you to pay a royalty to anybody for the right to distribute GPL software, you may not distribute it under the GPL."
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RE[2]: So long Novell
by vinzer on Sun 5th Nov 2006 01:53 UTC in reply to "RE: So long Novell"
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but that's his choice, and other people modded him up because they also feel the same way.

isn't it the case that comments are SUPPOSED to be reactions?

i don't see how the original poster was grandstanding. if simply expressing your opinion is grandstanding (and he didn't even flame anyone), then we're all grandstanders here, including you.

you might wanna consult the dictionary before throwing big words around. now THAT's grandstanding.

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