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Mono Project Some interesting bits of his blog entry in which De Icaza replies to emails he has received concerning the Novell-Microsoft deal: "I do not know of any patents which Mono infringes. (...) Although I did not take part of the actual negotiations, and was only told about this deal less than a week before the announcement, I had been calling for a long time for a collaboration between Microsoft and Open Source and Microsoft and Novell. (...) Similar deals have been done in the past, in 1997 Microsoft signed a similar deal with Apple, and Apple used that agreement and the incoming monies to turn the company around. Sun signed a similar agreement with Microsoft in 2004, which at the time I realized enabled Sun to ship Mono on Solaris (which we already supported at that time)."
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RE[2]: Wait and see.
by somebody on Sun 5th Nov 2006 01:57 UTC in reply to "RE: Wait and see."
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General Declaration:
The General Assembly of Ecma shall not approve recommendations of Standards which are covered by patents when such patents will not be licensed by their owners on a reasonable and non-discriminatory basis.

Well, to be honest, I've fallen for that one too because of lack of carefulness. But, what this really means is that mono is RAND royalty. And by violating it the worst it could happen' to MS, is getting thrown out of ECMA.

GIF was a RAND royalty too. And look where it got to. might be more informative than my comment.

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