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Mono Project Some interesting bits of his blog entry in which De Icaza replies to emails he has received concerning the Novell-Microsoft deal: "I do not know of any patents which Mono infringes. (...) Although I did not take part of the actual negotiations, and was only told about this deal less than a week before the announcement, I had been calling for a long time for a collaboration between Microsoft and Open Source and Microsoft and Novell. (...) Similar deals have been done in the past, in 1997 Microsoft signed a similar deal with Apple, and Apple used that agreement and the incoming monies to turn the company around. Sun signed a similar agreement with Microsoft in 2004, which at the time I realized enabled Sun to ship Mono on Solaris (which we already supported at that time)."
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RE: Wait and see.
by Nedi on Sun 5th Nov 2006 13:42 UTC in reply to "Wait and see."
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sorry that i can't mod you down - your kind of pseudo-level-headed-reply is exactly what we do not need.

yes, "wait and see" sounds good and soothing -
only microsoft is definitely NOT waiting -
they are acting meanwhile -
and it suits them very well if everyone else just shuts up and continues with his "daily work" and lets them do their "daily work" - which of course is in their own interest, what else ...

so what are your interests? the same as microsofts? are you a shareholder? or payed by them? then i can understand your comment - you *have* to show the same short-sightedness as the idiots(*) at microsoft.

if WE do not act in our own interest, we should not be too surprised if we wake up in a world where only variations of ms-sanctioned operating-systems are allowed and possible the outcome is not what we hoped.

(*) being drastic - actually i have *nothing* against microsoft - they're human beings like everyone else, they're just doing some very idiotic things, and that for a while now, without any hope of change for the better. should the people there, by some chance, change their attitude - that would be really welcome news.

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