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Linux "Windows Vista brings with it a new era of DRM and restrictive license agreements that aren't going to sit well with even your basic power user and some are looking for an escape route. These changes are making some users question their commitment to Microsoft. The obvious step is to make the leap to Linux. But what's holding people back from escaping Microsoft's shackles and moving to a free, easy platform? My guess is that the platform isn't everything. In fact, it's only a small part of the equation."
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i was ready for linux
by matthekc on Sun 5th Nov 2006 14:13 UTC
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It was about a year ago windows ate itself off my hard-drive. At the time it was my first computer in over a year i would consider myself a novice but not a newbie. I had a choice 200 dollars for a new copy of windows or try something new. so i picked up a box of xandros($35). I was only moderatly disappointed by xandros it was buggy, had little sofware beside the os, and it did not play most dvds and at the time i had no idea why.
Now these days i got a new laptop with a built in dvd player windows and linux. I currently like myahos for linux it has slackware stability, comes with media support, has some games, and supports some dvd's still not even half(i now know why; dvd encryption is evil). i can edit scripts, partition hardrives, and troubleshoot software and hardware better than before. I learned all that giving up about a half weekend a month.

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