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Xfce The Xfce development team is pleased to announce that the second and hopefully last release candidate of the upcoming Xfce 4.4 desktop is available for download now. The release focuses primarily on bug fixes and optimizations; see the release notes for a complete list of changes. The source tarballs and the graphical installer are available from the download page.
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RE[2]: Hope
by Doc Pain on Sun 5th Nov 2006 21:07 UTC in reply to "RE: Hope"
Doc Pain
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"XFCE aspires to be a fully functional desktop. It has added separate applications, and new dependencies, but define the bloat."

XFCE is developing to a useful replacement for KDE or Gnome on systems that offer less ressources than "modern" PCs.

"Clearly they have tried to put together a suite of *lightweight* alternatives to necessary applications, and most are optional."

And if you want it "more lightweighter", you can simply use version 3 of XFCE. Runs still good on a 150 MHz workstation.

"Functionality is not bloat! Unneeded functionality is."

Furthermore, inefficient implemented functionality - even if needed - may be bloat.

I like the modular conception of XFCE because it's the best representation of "needed functionality". If you don't need a certain functionaliy, just remove the corresponding module. The rest of XFCE runs without any change.

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