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Morphos On BBRV's blog: "The PegasosPPC will be on sale this week for $399. Neither the board nor an upgrade card will be produced again by Genesi or bplan. It is the end of an era for us. It has been a great experience."
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This is actually a good thing
by mbpark on Mon 6th Nov 2006 03:44 UTC
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Genesi is working on other projects involving newer Freescale processors. I'm glad that they're moving onward to those. There's much newer technologies out there such as SATA and PCI Express which can deliver much better performance.

Unlike many other vendors in the market formerly served by Amiga/Commodore, they delivered a working product, supported it, and did not require proprietary/expensive as heck upgrades (I remember GVP RAM in my A1200 costing me an arm and a leg) for RAM or expansion cards.

They also have incredible Debian and Ubuntu support, both of which I have run on my PegII. I guess that's what happens when Sven Luther (who personally helped me troubleshoot some issues) works for you.

Yes, Bill Buck and I do speak on a semi-regular basis. What happened in the past will stay there. There will be new machines out from them, and hopefully they'll be as painless to set up under Ubuntu ;) .

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