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Morphos On BBRV's blog: "The PegasosPPC will be on sale this week for $399. Neither the board nor an upgrade card will be produced again by Genesi or bplan. It is the end of an era for us. It has been a great experience."
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hmmm, mac or pc?
by re_re on Mon 6th Nov 2006 05:43 UTC
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i have followed genesi for the last few years and they have always seemed to put out a nice os, but they never seemed to grasp the marketing thing.

i think they definitly would have a shot at survival if they would offer their os for less (way less) money.

If their os was 79.99 USD i think they would have a definite chance at survival, but at 400 bucks...., i would be supprised if they survive.

the bottom line is this, no matter how great their os is, they don't have the software to back it up, and most people are much more concerned with what software they can use then what os they use it on. If they can o nly get it for morophos, then they may buy it, but i think that 99% of the time superior software is available for mac and pc.

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