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Mac OS X Source code for a Mac virus has gone public, a security company warned Friday, and although the original doesn't carry a malicious payload, more dangerous variants can be expected. The virus, dubbed 'OSX.Macarena' by Symantec, targets some, but not all, Mac OS X Mach-O executables. "Although methods of infecting Mach-O binaries have been publicly available for some time, this marks the first known fully functional Mach-O file infecter virus," Symantec noted in an alert to customers of its DeepSight threat network on Friday. "The source code for this virus is publicly available and as such it is possible that variants may be trivially developed to extend the virus's functionality."
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...than system security.
As for most people losing their documents ( or sending them in the wild ), keychains passwords, setting up notnet , is less important than losing system security.
Of course it is inconvenient to mount removable drive or acces external hardware, because in some compagny unverified leaking of document can occurs via these medias. And in most sysadmin job it is part of the job to be paranoid.

But I'm not afraid, usage of mac system is still sparse, so "natural" selection will make it again a failure in th emac virus attempt ( a bad analogy would be to compared macOSX system with panda, they're cool but there is not much of them. So having a widespread virus amoung pandas is unlikely ).

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