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RISC OS "Launched in 2005 for developers to beta test, the A9home went on general sale in time for the Wakefield show in May this year. The machine is still missing a few features, but seeing as it is mostly complete, it's high time a review was published. Having ditched his aging RiscPC for an A9home, Paul Stewart reveals his first impressions with AdvantageSix's ARM9-powered computer and its 32bit build of RISC OS 4."
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by epistaxsis on Mon 6th Nov 2006 15:25 UTC
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Making the A9 into a laptop:

The Physical architecture of the machine won't allow this.

The processor & memory are on a SO-DIMM that plugs into a bigger I/O board.

The biggest issue with laptops in general is that they're all physically different!

This means that there is a major issue with the case.

Unfortunately the few thousand RISC OS laptops that would be sold makes it prohibitavely expensive to do.

Porting RISC OS to other hardware:

The problem here is drivers for the hardware.

CPU might be OK but, for instance, can we get access to the driver needed for the GPU?

RISC OS5 has a HAL and is being progressively open sourced so this problem might decrease.

Linux on the A9:

Has been done but the support for this product is for RISC OS.

Other uses for the A9:

In car MP3 players!

It may be for a very small niche market but its still a funky little bit of kit! :-)

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