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Novell and Ximian "Someone just asked me whether, now that Novell's become buddies with Microsoft, I'll be turning away from Novell/SUSE as one of my favorite Linux distributions. My answer is no. I'm sticking with SUSE Linux on both my desktops and servers. Here's why."
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Er.... Content?
by Devilotx on Mon 6th Nov 2006 18:42 UTC
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the only points made in defense of SLED are:

"I like the KDE 3.5.5 interface. I like -- now that's it's finally fixed -- the easy YAST update system. And, I like the combination of powerful and up-to-date software programs like Evolution,, GAIM, and Firefox."

with the exception of Yast, I've got all that on my desktop too, leaving out Yast you've pretty much hit EVERY major Distro out there... that is not a reason, that is convenience.

Fedora Core 6 has and easy update system (Yum) up to date software as well, So does Ubuntu/Kubuntu, so do Mandriva...

I dunno, maybe I'm nitpicking, but there didn't look like anything was written there to answer the "here's why" statement

I'm running "X" because it works out of the box (or would it be out of the burner?) with my hardware, gives me an up to date OS, ease of use, easy access to the software I need

You could plug any number of variables into X there and have a perfectly legitimate statement.

this article was a "bash Novell for joining with the devil, but I'll use em anyway" statement.


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