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General Development David Chisnall takes a look behind the scenes at Apple's upcoming revamp of the Objective-C language. As with any new language, some things are good, some are ugly, and some are both.
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RE: Windows Compiler?
by Get a Life on Mon 6th Nov 2006 18:48 UTC in reply to "Windows Compiler?"
Get a Life
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Besides GCC there's also POC, but I don't know if David Stes still develops it, and it is not compatible with NeXT's extensions to Objective-C AFAIR.

Finding anything resembling a decent IDE for fringe languages is never easy. If you want to dick around with something you could always download the trial of Dolphin Smalltalk--it won't do much to broaden your horizons to the Mac world, but it would hardly be the worst use of curiosity and spare time.

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