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Novell and Ximian "Someone just asked me whether, now that Novell's become buddies with Microsoft, I'll be turning away from Novell/SUSE as one of my favorite Linux distributions. My answer is no. I'm sticking with SUSE Linux on both my desktops and servers. Here's why."
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by moleskine on Mon 6th Nov 2006 22:05 UTC
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The only thing to do is wait and see what happens and to try to keep an open mind. SuSE has always been a topflight distro and Novell has poured money into Linux development from which everyone has gotten benefits.

Nor has the Microsoft-Novell tie-up really altered the picture. Novell's annual revenue is declining, it has huge overheads and its Linux side has failed to pick up more than a very small turnover being soundly thrashed by Red Hat by a factor of 4-1 in the marketplace. In other words, this deal hasn't altered the fact that on the basis of its finances, Novell has a very, very shaky future. In this regard, SJVN doesn't convince me SuSE is a good long-term bet and I'm pretty dubious that Mono is ever going to fly.

Personally I run another version of Linux because I like the idealistic appeal of "the universal operating system" which my distro aspires to be. The danger with Novell surely is that in trying to keep its business afloat Novell will risk wreaking havoc with patents, to Microsoft's benefit and the F/OSS movement's loss. SuSE may be an excellent distro, but ...

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