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Novell and Ximian "Someone just asked me whether, now that Novell's become buddies with Microsoft, I'll be turning away from Novell/SUSE as one of my favorite Linux distributions. My answer is no. I'm sticking with SUSE Linux on both my desktops and servers. Here's why."
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RE[2]: GPL
by Don T. Bothers on Tue 7th Nov 2006 00:40 UTC in reply to "RE: GPL"
Don T. Bothers
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"Illogical. It's been doing that, anyway. This deal doesn't legitimize claims of patent infringement."

Except now Microsoft can call Novell, the second largest commercial Linux vendor, to be a witness for them when suing anyone. Microsoft never had that capability before. Now try protecting yourself legally against Microsoft when some other major player in the market, selling the same product you are, has basically admitted that there are patent violations in the product. And what would happen with Linux if RedHat signs a contract with Microsoft or if RedHat loses a legal battle against Microsoft? As I said in an earlier post, a dead Novell is a good Novell.

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