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Novell and Ximian "Someone just asked me whether, now that Novell's become buddies with Microsoft, I'll be turning away from Novell/SUSE as one of my favorite Linux distributions. My answer is no. I'm sticking with SUSE Linux on both my desktops and servers. Here's why."
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RE[2]: Novell made a big mistake
by Ookaze on Tue 7th Nov 2006 13:05 UTC in reply to "RE: Novell made a big mistake"
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It actually just occured to me that we have not yet heard anything from RMS of the FSF on this and they could be the ones that have the power to put an end to this craziness

Wrong ! Eben Moglen already said sth about this. But the worry will come when the GPL is violated, not before.

The GPLv3 already has some verbage in it to protect against this sort of patent extortion

The GPLv2 too, but it's more implicit. It works the same as GPLv3 in the USA, but we're not sure it works as well elsewhere, which is why it is explicit in GPLv3.

they could then immediately send cease and desist letters for all the GNU software in SUSE that's licensed as "GPLv2 or later"

They can't do that until there's an actual violation. FUD is not a license violation.

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