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Gnome EnabledPeople, the company that is working on the Linux XP distribution, has screenshots of their newest product for integrating GNOME with Active Directory. There is an overview article 'Linux Integration Service for Active Directory' and another article 'Why Windows 2003 Is the Best Server for Linux', describing how it works. Meanwhile, Novell has gotten Evolution 2.8 working with Exchange Server 2003.
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Good Operating System!
by penguin7009 on Tue 7th Nov 2006 23:23 UTC
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Hi all, I have been using LinuxXP for a year now. Because there was no U.S. website and no English Forums, I have had to learn how to use the Gnome interface. I have always used KDE and LXP has the only Gnome interface I have ever liked! I found the trial version of LXP by accident and after downloading the iso and installing it on my computer I was shocked to see that it found and configured every single piece of hardware and played encrypted DVDs right out of the box.

I am running my copy of Crossover Office 5.0.3 and using the MS software I need to get work done. Opera runs like the wind and Open Office is now available through LXP add software program.

Being based on Fedora Core3, I found that I can use yum to install packages since, at the time, there was no support from "Enabled People". I have really enjoyed the adventure and also found out that I really do like Gnome.

The SR2 release is an improvement of an already good product and the English Forums has given me a place to discuss and use LXP with other users-great!


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