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KDE After a few months of quiet activity, the Appeal desktop project has rolled out a new project website that documents what everyone has been up to and discussing. Since the the last public announcement many things have occurred, including another Appeal meeting being held in Germany. The project is looking forward to sharing its experiences and gathering input from the general KDE developer community at aKademy 2005 later this month.
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RE[2]: I'm not holding my breath.
by aseigo on Sat 13th Aug 2005 23:43 UTC
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> equivalent to Beagle is more something like Kat,
> Tenor has a quite different overall goal.

indeed. and what's quite exciting is that we've recently brought the two projects together. this means less duplication of effort on the one hand, and the ability to take advantage of kat's file system indexer and full text indexing in compliment to the contextual linkage of tenor.

it's going to be a killer little system. personally i'm invested in it for several reasons. not only do i think contextual linkage has the possibility to fundamentally improve the desktop experience, but i need it for several features i have planned for plasma =)

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