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Novell and Ximian "Often cast as the peacemaker in free software disputes, Bruce Perens is on the warpath. When we caught up with him, he wasn't in a mood to be charitable to Novell. On Friday the Utah company, which markets the SuSE Linux distribution, revealed that it was entering into a partnership with Microsoft. Redmond would pay Novell an undisclosed sum in return for Novell recognizing Microsoft's intellectual property claims. Novell received a 'Covenant' promising that it wouldn't be sued by Microsoft."It's a case of 'Damn the people who write the software'", he told us. "Novell is in a desperate position - it has a smaller share of the market than Debian,"" he told The Register. Update: Novell responds to community's questions: here, here and here. Update 2: Havoc Pennington's take.
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RE[3]: Microsoft, Novell?
by NotParker on Wed 8th Nov 2006 01:06 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Microsoft, Novell?"
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NotParker (for I do believe he is the Unknown Downmodder):

I don't mod anyone up or down. I think I did once months ago. I freely allow any moderators to confirm or deny the above statement.

You, on the other hand, have stated quite categorically that you love to mod me down.

That makes you a hypocritical weasel.

Yes, you hate Linux. You hate anyone who does not hate Linux.

Actually, I hate those who spend much of their time spewing venom at anyone who: uses Microsoft software; who does not think Microsoft is the Devil; who does not kiss the *ss of OSS.

I do enjoy pointing how much of the OSS movement behaves like a cult, how much it revels in hating Microsoft and I like to mock the hypocrisy of its stances to PDF, ODF and OpenXML.

And I really enjoy mocking those who profess to want "open standards" but think Microsoft is EVIL for submitting OpenXML and .NET to ECMA and think anyone who uses those standards has made a pact with the DEVIL.

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